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"We have included system warranties on several projects with the EZROS framing system. Truly a revolutionary way to retrofit roofs. The EZROS system allows for some vertical adjustments to correct minor sags or bumps in the existing roof surface. EZROS also provides for all projects custom eace members and rake angles. EZROS is number one in our book." -- CW Bennett, CEO, CW Bennett GM, AMB Warranty

Complete system components, sub eave, sub rake, sub ridge, etc. to complete project properly. "Great system. The contractor installed approximately 80% of EZROS framing before installing roof panles on a 130,000 square foot building with little to no interuption to the operations inside the building. We will certainly specify this system on future projects. --Stephen Braquet, AIA Architect, New Orleans, LA

We have successfully completed several EZROS projects to date installing approximately 75,000 square foot. No doubt, this system is the best retrofit system on the market today. No need to remove the old roof, interupt business, or cause possible weather damage." --Rowland Seal, Roof Technologies, Harvey, LA


Patent Issued # 8,061,087 B2, and patent applications pending in the US patent office. This Property is protected under the US Patent Laws and any violations will be pursued to the fullest extent of the United States Patent Laws. Licensing (exclusively) in certain distribution areas is available; should you be interested in the new product, please have no hesitancy in calling the undersigned.


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EZROS Ezee Roof Over System | 2801 Frenchman Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70122
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